NanoMONITOR WebPortal 

NanoMONITOR Web Portal

About: The web-based NanoMONITOR application is a distributed client-server system. The software application will support the import of “historical” monitoring data; the capture of monitoring data from sensors in real-time; real-time QA/QC for data imports, data storage including automatic incremental backup strategies, data  (basic descriptive statistics), graphical display, a range of analytical tools for exposure- and risk analysis,  and the prediction (simulation) of indoor- and ambient concentration (counts and mass based) values, together with data conversion- and export tools, and the management of associated META data (partly structured, partly as free (multi-media data for full text search) for the interpretation of all monitoring data holdings).

You can explore NanoMONITOR Webportal here: NanoMONITOR software.

NanoMONITOR Web Based Library

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.14.34 PMAbout: The NanoMONITOR Web Based Library  is an  on-line inventory of exposure scenarios and exposure monitoring data to ease the access and promote the use of the data generated within the project under the risk assessment process established by REACH.

You can explore the demo version here: