nanorisk_logo NanoRisk

The main objective of the project is to define proven Risk Management Measures (RMMs) to prevent or minimize exposure to engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) during the specific workplace situations of the polymer nanocomposite industry, as well as to support standardization activities concerning the certification of the adequacy of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Engineering Controls (ECs) to protect workers from the risk posed by use of ENMs.



The overall aim of IMPROVE (Implementing Methodologies and Practices to Reduce air pollution Of the subway enVironmEnt) is to provide a benchmark study that will lead to real improvement in subway air quality.

logo_liferespira Life+ Respira

Life+ Respira is a project aimed at showing that through the use of new technologies, along with urban planning and management, like promoting sustainable mobility and bicycle use, it is possible to improve air quality and reduce air pollution.

To achieve these objectives the project expects to:

  • Quantify the polluting substances that affect urban cyclists
  • Verify the efficiency of the implementation of new technologies in real conditions.
  • Demonstrate that the urban planning systems contribute to reducing the polluting substances.
  • Develop a mathematical model that allows control of air quality.
  • Create a tool that allows the elaboration of maps that show the distribution of polluting substance distribution.
  • Develop a cycling route-planner for healthier routes.
  • Evaluate the environmental, social and economic benefits of the use of bicycles as a means of urban transit.
  • Involve citizens in the project.
  • Promote initiatives that favor a healthier environment.
  • Promote jobs related to the safeguarding of air quality improvement in cities.