NanoMonitor is a three year EU Life+ project that runs from January 2016 to December 2018. It has a budget of about €1.1 million.


By developing a real-time information and monitoring system NanoMonitor supports the risk assessment of nanomaterials under REACH. This will help to improve the use of environmental monitoring data to support the implementation of REACH regulation and promote the protection of human health and the environment when dealing with engineered nanomaterials (ENMs).

NanoMonitor will develop new standard operating procedures leading to enhanced understanding of the concentration and fate of ENMs in the environment. Through the monitoring of engineered nanomaterials, NanoMonitor will support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the the risk management measures used by industrial facilities to control emissions of nano-pollutants. Additionally, the project will support the identification of non-natural nanomaterials in the environment.

NanoMonitor stages