NanoMONITOR Final Conference


LIFE NanoMONITOR Final Conference: New Solutions to Support the Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis of the Concentration of Nanomaterials in Workplaces and Urban Areas

29 November 2018

Complejo Administrativo del 9 de Octubre

Valencia, Spain


The LIFE NanoMONITOR Final Conference is a forum for nanotechnology experts from industry, academia and policy making to discuss nanotechnology safety, the use of measured data on the concentration of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) to support risk assessment, the implementation of safe exposure scenarios, and its regulatory challenges. The event will be hosted by the members of the NanoMONITOR consortium.

The event will showcase the main progress and outcomes of the LIFE NanoMONITOR project, which provides scientific based solutions to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials on a regulatory basis, including critical issues such as environmental, occupational and consumer exposure to ENMs, environmental release and fate in the life cycle and product value chains, and human health impacts of ENMs.

Target audience

The event organisers welcome the project key end-users and stakeholders:

  • Local authorities
  • Health and safety advisors
  • Occupational hygienists
  • Workers and professional users who use ENMs as such, in mixtures or incorporated into articles in research or production processes
  • Researchers
  • Experts from industry associations and other stakeholder organizations informing companies about the requirements for the safe handling and use of ENMs on a regulatory basis, especially for risk control purposes
  • Experts from standardisation and/or regulatory bodies.

Conference Agenda

You can access the Final Conference Agenda here.


The conference is free of registration fees and open to the public. To register please fill in the registration form.


Registration Deadline: 23 November 2018

Due to the capacity limitations of the venue, the maximum number of attendees to be accepted is limited to 50. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Conference will take place at Antigua Carcel Modelo
Ciudad Administrativa 9 de Octubre
Building A
Room 1
C/ Castan Tobeñas, 77
Valencia (Spain)

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