El proyecto NanoMONITOR ofrece herramientas avanzadas para evaluar la exposición a los nanomateriales durante la conferencia final en Valencia

En una conferencia final celebrada este 29 de noviembre en Valencia, los socios del proyecto Life + NanoMONITOR, que está en sus últimas semanas de ejecución, han dado a conocer sus resultados, que incluyen el desarrollo de dos bases de datos sobre la concentración de nanomateriales y cinco estaciones prototipo para la caracterización y detección[…]

NanoMONITOR project offers advanced tools to assess the exposure to nanomaterials during final conference

The Life NanoMONITOR Project is in its final weeks and has shared its results at a concluding conference in Valencia, 29th November, including the development of two databases on the concentration of nanomaterials and five prototype stations for the characterisation and detection of nanoparticles. Titled ‘New Solutions to Support the Sampling, Monitoring and Analysis of[…]

NanoMONITOR is presenting its Monitoring Station Prototype during Imaginenano 2018 in Bilbao, Spain

NanoMONITOR project partners will be presenting the NanoMONITOR Monitoring Station Prototype during the Imaginenano 2018 conference in Bilbao, Spain 13-15 March 2018. You can request to use NanoMONITOR station in your own facilities to obtain robust data on the concentration of ENMs. Access is provided on a transnational basis with no charge to the user.[…]

NanoMONITOR shows great progress during a successful Stakeholder event and Project meeting held in Lancaster, UK

NanoMONITOR successfully organised its 4th General Assembly Meeting and 2nd Stakeholders’ Workshop: Safe Nanotechnology – Risk management, exposure and regulatory challenges in Lancaster, UK in October 2017. The workshop served as an effective platform to disseminate the progress achieved within the project to a targeted audience of nanotechnology researchers, industry, and regulators. The delegates had the[…]